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Versatile Pro

Designed to make high quality juices in an independent and efficient manner thanks to its great capacity built-in feeder. Offer the best juice with this intelligent machine and its sophisticated design, which triumphs in cafeterias, self-service stores and hotels with large juice demand. More autonomy
  • Integrated high capacity feeder.
  • Self-Service anti-drip tap with lock for use in continuous mode.
  • Integrated peel buckets.
More professional
  • Intuitive “Touch Control” digital display.
  • Total and partial fruit counter.
  • Language settings (23 languages).
  • 2 Operating modes:
Self-Service mode: press the tap for the juice to fall directly into the glass or jug. Professional mode: program and squeeze the exact number of pieces without having to press the tap. For this, the tap must be in the continuous service position. Including: podium Colour variation: orange, silver, granite