This NYC Restaurant Is Delivering Hotpot Equipment So You Can Do It At Home


Restaurant Is Delivering Hotpot Equipment!

Dining out is such an important part of NYC culture, and we’re all definitely feeling the loss of not being able to enjoy delicious food while supporting our local restaurants.

For now though, restaurants and bars are allowed to do takeout so we can still pick up our favorite local meals or get them delivered! And some restaurants are even taking it to the next level by letting us truly mimic the experience of dining there, but at home.

Tang Hotpot is a modern Chinese restaurant dedicated to bringing authentic Sichuan hotpot experience to New York while elevating and innovating the category to new heights. With food being the centerpiece, the team sources directly from Sichuan all premium Chinese ingredients for its signature soup broth and dipping sauces. The special numbing spicy soup base consists of more than 30 different kinds of Chinese medicines, herbs, spices and is cooked in beef tallow.

Tang Hotpot, which serves authentic Sichuan hotpot in Lower Manhattan, is offering delivery of their food, along with actual hot pot sets!

Though it is a little pricey with a minimum of $200, it will feed 4-6 people, so split with roomies or neighbors (or save it for a few meals!). And with an order of $300′ worth of food, Tang Hotpot will give out free hotpot stove and pot.

For the hotpot set, you can choose two broths out of: spicy, mushroom, seafood, pork bone, and tomato; one order of meat out of: hand-cut angus beef short ribs, sliced eye of round, fresh omasum beef tripe, sliced beef tongue, lamb shoulder roll, hand-sliced pork kidney, pork artery, spam, duck blood, duck gizzard, quail eggs; one order of seafood from shrimp paste, head-on shrimp, sole fish filet; one order of vegetables out of: baby Chinese cabbage, crown daisy, enoki mushroom, wood ear, oyster mushroom, fried tofu skin, pumpkin, rice cake; and one dipping sauce from sesame oil, sesame paste, hoisin sauce, or shacha sauce. Plus hotpot noodles!



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