Restaurants typically come in four main types and it is out of those four that you’ll have to pick before you open up your doors and start selling your food to the public.

Keep in mind, there are more types of restaurants out there that are a little more out-there and creative, but for the sake of starting off with something simple, we’re going to break down the four biggest ones that have shown the most success in the past.

1. Fast Food:

This one is easy to visualize because we’ve all been to one at least once in our lives. The fast food restaurant operates in a way that there are no hosts to bring you to your table, or a server to come and fill your water and take your order. The menu is clear for all to see above the counter and you pay for your food before you eat it. Most will have a drive-thru for people who are on the go and want a quick meal.

People that come to fast food restaurants generally are not looking for the highest quality of food, but rather an inexpensive meal that they can quickly eat before they have to head back to work or run another errand.

With how fast-paced these restaurants are and the demand for food, a lot of the food will already be premade for convenience and for firing out food as fast as they can. Other fast food restaurants have set themselves apart and refuse to use frozen patties which can give them an edge over consumers who are looking for a healthier alternative.

2. Takeout and Delivery:

If you have a very small space, a takeout and delivery restaurant is perfect for you. The front of the store is almost non-existent and if they have any seating at the front at all, it will typically be one small table, or a couple of chairs at the counter.

Takeout and delivery restaurants are a step above fast food places, typically with higher quality food, though they produce it at a quick pace as those who come to a takeout and delivery restaurant are typically taking their food elsewhere.

3. Food Trucks

Food trucks are a huge craze nowadays with thousands flocking to food truck festivals across the country. But what makes these mobile kitchens so attractive to the masses?

Well, food trucks provide affordable food that is quick to prepare and perfect for people on the go. Much like fast food restaurants, food is typically prepared ahead of time and then all that needs to be done is for the item to be customized by the customer.

But perhaps what makes food trucks so appealing is their selection and the uniqueness of their food. Sure, there are food trucks that sell burgers, but the burgers you find a food truck are far beyond what you would expect to get at a normal burger joints. With unique flavour combinations and interesting takes on classic foods, citizens young and old want to be the first to hop on a new craze.

4. Table Service 

Ah, yes, the classic restaurant. This type is the one that would come to your head whenever you hear restaurant. A host will take you to your table, hand you a menu, and your server will come by and take care of the rest. All fancier and higher end restaurants will be in this category, but some bistros, comfort food joints, and family restaurants fall into this category as well.

Expect higher quality food that takes time to prepare when you visit one of these restaurants. Customers will not mind waiting longer than they would at a food truck if it means that they will be served something spectacular. Therefore, these kinds of restaurants are best suited for entrepreneurs who are expecting to have a higher standard of food, rather than something that is quick and easy to prepare.

When choosing a restaurant, it’s important to know what kind of food you will be serving so you can choose the proper sort of restaurant. For example, if you’re wanting to serve fancy desserts and intricate dishes, a food truck or a fast food restaurant may not be the best choice for you. Similarily, if your menu is going to consist American-Chinese food, you might be better off having a Takeout-Delivery kind of restaurant.

All four have been shown to be extremely successful, given that the proper research is done into each. Think of the type of restaurant that you want to run and the choice will make itself clear.

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