Refrigerators, freezers, and coolers are a main staple that every restaurant should have in their kitchen. But is it wise to buy the first one that you come across? Of course not! In fact, there are a lot of things to take into consideration such as size and door type. Taking these things into account will ensure that you end up with the right one for your business and it doesn’t lead to complications down the road.

First up: size and location. The floor-plan of your kitchen will give you a good indication on what will work and what won’t. Bulky freezers and refrigerators will interrupt the flow of the kitchen traffic and potentially cause accidents, but smaller units may not be able to hold all of what you need. Let’s go through the different types of freezers and refrigerators to see which one fits you the best.

Single Door, Reach-In: These units are best placed at the very end of the production line to be easily accessed by all as they should be used to store portions that you plan to use that day, refilling from the larger freezers and refrigerators as needed.. They also provide a great garnish storage to keep the items fresh and ready to use.

Two/Three Door Reach-In: Larger cooling units such as these should be placed in the prep area where they are just as easy to access, but far enough away from the action that they don’t have to work overtime in order to keep themselves cold in such a hot environment. Items that are placed in two or three door refrigerators are typically those that may or may not be used during the day, depending on the flow of the restaurant on that particular day. These cooling units generally serve as a middle man between the walk-in freezer and the single door reach-ins so if the single-door refrigerator runs out of items, they can be taken from the two/three door units to avoid having to travel all the way to the walk-in. Sometimes these two/three dor units can be on their own without the smaller one door, permitting your restaurant has the space and ideal location.

Roll-In Refrigerators/Freezers: Like with the double and three doored cooling units, the roll-in refrigerators and freezers belong in the prep area. These handy pieces of equipment are perfect for storing prepped food in advance and are easily accessible by all kitchen staff.

Walk-In Freezer: Last, but not least are the walk-in freezers which are typically located outside of the kitchen near the delivery area as they are able to contain a large variety of food items in bulk that you won’t need right away. Since they’re located away from the kitchen, they don’t have to work hard to keep cool as well.

For further questions and inquiries into which one would work best for your restaurant, contact Babak Food Equipment by calling 604) 566-9747.

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