TiTi Home Made Food

Address: 102-1196 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam, BC V3B 0L8


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Industry Restaurant
Run Operations Babak Pour
Project Duration 6 Months
Year 2018

Babak Food Equipment is much more than just a kitchen equipment supplier. We also specialize in commercial kitchen design, restaurant planning, restaurant remodel, and equipment delivery and installation.

Each restaurant design project is custom to order and unique to the facility. We often work closely with architects, contractors, or facility maintenance from concept to completion in order to design and install an efficient and effective kitchen. We offer detailed drawings and plans including specs on walk-ins, exhaust hoods, cookline equipment, and refrigeration, with detail on rough-ins for electrical and plumbing.

Are You Ready to Starting a restaurant, planning a kitchen, or need a restaurant to remodel?

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