Restaurant Consultation

Babak Food Equipment is your one-stop shop when it comes to providing a wide selection of services for all of your commercial kitchen essentials. We understand the process isn’t always as simple as selecting the right equipment and plugging it in.

Your restaurant is unique, and we take pride in addressing your needs to develop an innovative solution unique to your business.

Look no further than Babak to discuss

Kitchen projects​
Equipment Purchasing & Installation​
Technical Assistance​

Kitchen Projects

When it comes to selecting a location and ensuring the unit is well designed for your operations, Babak is committed to helping you gain an advantage in this competitive market. You work hard to raise finances, conceptualize your restaurant, and implement your business strategy. Let us assist you closer to building the foodservice operations you’ve always dreamed of running. 

Babak Food Equipment is backed by 20 years of industry experience. We know what makes a successful restaurant. Chat with us about your concept and let’s make it happen.

Equipment Purchasing & Installation

With a wide range of options from trusted brands, it’s not always easy selecting the right piece of kitchen equipment for your restaurant, pizza shop, cafeteria, food truck, hotel, or supermarket. We know. We’ve worked with thousands of satisfied customers over the past 2 decades.

If you ever have any questions regarding any piece of commercial kitchen equipment, our trained experts have your best interests in mind. From selecting the right addition to your kitchen to proper and timely installation, we will ensure your restaurant is ready to go.

Technical Assistance

Technical issues arise – it’s part of the business. Don’t hesitate to give Babak a call, our professional technicians are here to serve you. We provide you timely solutions to ensure your team can continue providing great service.

Babak understands that every kitchen’s situation is different. If your restaurant requires consultation services, we specialize in kitchen projects, equipment purchasing and installation, and technical assistance. We are only one call away. Our team takes pride in providing the best customer care. This means timely responses and ensuring we provide you unique solutions for all of your restaurant business needs.