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Food Truck

Babak Food Equipment has a wide selection of essential commercial food truck equipment and supplies for sale. We understand that your food truck is unique and requires equipment that complements your facility and the type of cuisine you offer.Organization plays an important role in any kitchen. However, operating with restricted space means that every piece of equipment and supply must be just right for your operations.We offer a wide selection of gas-connected cooking equipment and electric countertop machines. We are certain we have a unit that you can rely on in the tightest of spaces. From convection ovens, griddles, deep fryers, charbroilers, and burners. We carry a large variety of essential food truck cooking equipment.Food safety is of utmost importance when working in such a tight space. We have chef bases and under-counter coolers and freezing units that will integrate underneath your workstations to prevent taking up too much of your valuable space.Depending on your unique menu, we have a range of countertop appliances that will facilitate the food preparation process, such as commercial blenders, and multifunctional food processorsWe understand that your unique spacing may need kitchen vents or shelvings that require customization. Prepare your food truck kitchen equipment list and talk to us to inquire about how our state of the art customizations and metal fabrication services can help you set up your food truck operations.Don’t know where to start? Just let us know about your project and we will be with you from consultation, food truck equipment layout, requirement, customization and installation.