Commercial Cooking Equipment

Whether you’re looking to set up a new kitchen or preparing for an upgrade, you need an arrangement of equipment that is reliable and efficient, at a great price. Find the best commercial cooking equipment for your unit at Babak Food Equipment.
We have hundreds of electric and gas equipment options for your cooking needs. Explore the latest commercial ranges, ovens, fryers, and hot plates.

Gas Cooking Equipment

Our wide range of gas cooking equipment will satisfy any kitchen need. From commercial ranges to fryers. Find the heart of your kitchen equipment at Babak Food Equipment.

gas restaurant equipment

Charbroilers (36)

Commercial Gas Ranges (19)

Gas Fryers (17)

Gas Griddles (21)

Gas Hot Plates & Burners (5)

Gas Ovens (41)

Gas Stock Pot Ranges (3)

Salamander Broilers (9)

Electric Cooking Equipment

On the lookout for electric equipment to the station within your kitchen or cafeteria? We have a range of electric ovens, panini grills, and burners to suit your needs.

electric restaurant equipment

Commercial Electric Ranges (5)

Electric Crepe Makers (2)

Electric Fryers (8)

Electric Griddles (2)

Electric Hot Plates (1)

Electric Ovens (60)

Panini Grills (3)