Pizza Shop

Uncle Fatih

Address: 407 west Broadway


Uncle Fatih

IndustryPizza Shop
Run OperationsBabak Food Equipment
Project Duration2 Months
babak food equipment

Uncle Fatih is a popular pizza shop chain that has been operating in Vancouver since 2006. Babak Food Equipment had the pleasure of collaborating with Uncle Fatih on a project to equip their West Broadway location with the latest and most efficient food service equipment available.

During the 2-month project duration in 2018, Babak Food Equipment provided Uncle Fatih with a range of high-quality equipment, including commercial-grade pizza ovens, refrigerators, and other kitchen essentials. We ensured that all the equipment installed met the strictest industry standards and exceeded Uncle Fatih's expectations.

Our team worked closely with Uncle Fatih's staff to understand their unique requirements and deliver a tailored solution that optimized their operations and enhanced the customer experience. The project was completed within the agreed timeframe and budget, and we received positive feedback from the client.

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