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3 Types Of Commercial Sinks You’ll Need In Your Kitchen


Commercial washing stations are a necessity in the facility you operate in. Whether you are in the market for a compartment sink, a hand wash sink, or a mop sink – all three types will become the center of your kitchen’s washing facilities. 


Every kitchen needs adequate washing stations in the appropriate areas of your facility. Consider placing your restaurant sinks in your dishwashing area, food preparation area, employee hand wash stations, and service areas. The sinks for all of these areas must be in separate locations of your facility to avoid cross-contamination.

Next, you will want to consider the size of your facility and number of employees on your team. This will help you determine the dimensions of your sinks, and how many sinks you will need installed. As a result, high volume operations will require bigger food preparation sinks and washing sinks. Also consider the size of your team and where their workstations are located. You will require accessible hand wash stations in each of these areas.

The type of stainless steel will also play a role in determining your sink of choice. 18 gauge stainless steel is thin and ideal for soft water applications. Alternatively, 14 gauge stainless steel is thicker and more durable for heavy-duty use. 16 gauge stainless steel sinks sit in the middle. These sinks offer stronger support and legs for a dependable washing station.

Types of Sinks

Compartment sinks make a great addition to both your dishwashing station and food preparation area. The dimensions and number of compartments required will depend entirely on your unique operations.

One compartment sinks are ideal for small facilities, or large establishments needing additional washing capacity. Single compartment sinks make a great option for washing, draining, filling up pots, and performing light food preparation tasks.

Two compartment sinks provide additional food prep capacity for washing produce, and thawing frozen foods. As a dishwashing station, the two compartments allow for convenience when soaking, washing, and cleaning.

Three compartment sinks are ideal for medium-large facilities. This sink offers lots of capacity for heavy food preparation duties. Alternatively, three compartment sinks are recommended for dishwashing. Each compartment has its own function; to wash, rinse, and sanitize dishes, pots, pans, and utensils.

Hand sinks are just as the name suggests; these sinks are to be used for hand washing only. These sinks are to be installed near washrooms, food preparation stations, dishwashers, and service stations.

Mop sinks are essential for your facility’s janitorial closet, or cleaning and supply room. Use these sinks to empty, fill, and store mop buckets and a variety of other cleaning tools.  


Sink bowls come in a variety of dimensions. Determining the appropriate size will be based on the dimensions required to fully submerge your largest pots, utensils, and supplies.

Drainboards are attached to the sink – either on one side or both sides. These boards provide a resting place for pre- and post-washing of produce. Use drainboards as an additional food preparation area, or to stack dishes in the dishwashing area. Modifications cannot be made to drainboards as they are attached to the sink. 

Backsplash provides an extra barrier to prevent splashes and stains. In other words, backsplash will help your facility stay tidy while minimizing the risk of pests entering your kitchen. Many commercial sinks come with a backsplash feature for convenience.

Cleaning & Maintenance

As with most commercial kitchen equipment, regular cleaning is necessary to avoid deterioration. After all, preserving the shelf-life of your sink is important. Therefore, it is essential to avoid using rough cleaning pads and harsh chemicals. Both these items can cause damage to your equipment. 

Find The Right Sinks For Your Washing Stations

Whether you’re looking for a commercial sink for your dishwashing area, food preparation area, hand washing station, or janitorial room – Babak Food Equipment carries a wide selection for your business. Browse our catalogue online, or stop by to inquire about your next commercial sink.