Kitchen Efficiency

3 Types Of Restaurant Equipment For Maximizing Kitchen Space


Operating out of a small kitchen space does not mean you cannot thrive in this competitive environment. All this means is that your team will have to be more mindful towards menu planning, equipment purchasing, and organization of workflow. A thoughtful and strategic plan will ensure that your facility space does not hinder operations.

Generally, foodservice businesses running out of a smaller facility operate as a small diner, a concession stand, a delivery-only business, or a food truck. Naturally, planning is incredibly important for success. Accurate tracking of production requirements, and kitchen layout is of the essence. You want to get the most out of every bit of space your facility has to offer. To achieve this, there are 3 ways the right commercial kitchen equipment can help.

1. Countertop Equipment

Countertop commercial kitchen equipment maximizes your work area and helps utilize every bit of your facility space. With proper planning, these machines offer flexibility within one compact unit. There is a wide variety of countertop equipment available for your business. In fact, many popular commercial kitchen equipment units come available in countertop models. Furthermore, countertop machines often require less of an initial investment.

Countertop charbroilers are a great addition to any kitchen looking to cook food that is comparable in presentation and taste to a barbeque. With a selection of models ranging from 15″ – 48″ wide, there is a countertop charbroiler available for any sized kitchen.

Countertop fryers are ideal for perfectly preparing your most popular fried snacks. With a maximum capacity of up to 32lb of oil, these machines offer consistent results without taking up too much of your space.

Microwave ovens are a quick heating solution that will complement any convenience store or concession stand.

Countertop hot plates are a great addition to increasing cooking capacity. These units can do well on their own, or provide additional capacity if you already have a commercial range installed. These units allow for the execution of a variety of cooking methods and menu options. 

2. Multifunctional Equipment

Multifunctional cooking equipment is versatile and considerate of space. These machines will help facilitate smooth operations and save you money in the long run. With careful planning, you will be able to transform your facility into an efficient production line.

Combination ovens are ideal for small facilities that require versatility. These machines offer flexibility and the ability to cook a large variety of options utilizing various techniques.

Commercial food processors also provide convenience and versatility. This is accomplished by offering the flexibility to perform a wide variety of food preparation with one single machine. From slicing and dicing, to mixing and pureeing – these machines will become one of your most popular food preparation tools in the kitchen.

3. Storage

Refrigeration units can be one of the most space consuming pieces of commercial kitchen equipment you will purchase for your facility. This is where careful menu planning comes into play. Ensure that everything you acquire – from equipment to ingredients – is exactly what you need. Nothing more. 

Under counter coolers offer your business additional refrigeration space while maximizing workflow. Conveniently organize frequently used cool storage items while utilizing the tops as workspace. Again, this reinforces the benefits of utilizing multifunctional and compact commercial kitchen equipment options wisely.

Hanging storage is a convenient alternative to traditional stand-alone cabinets or shelving units. Wall cabinets provide a great solution for storing pots, pans, and essential appliances. Once again, these solutions offer additional storage without taking up essential floor space.

Wall mount shelving is perfect for storing and organizing spices, accessories, and other essential kitchen tools that would normally take up drawer and shelf space. This offers a great solution for avoiding the use of valuable floor space. 

Set Your Kitchen Up For Success

The size of your commercial kitchen facility will not hinder the success of your business with proper planning and careful execution. Babak Food Equipment offers a wide selection of multifunctional and countertop commercial kitchen equipment suited for any size of kitchen facility. 

We are backed by over 20 years of experience and expertise in commercial cooking equipment. Browse our website, or give us a call for a consultation regarding your foodservice business. We are your one-stop shop for all of your restaurant equipment and supply essentials.