Choosing The Right Commercial Mixer For Your Kitchen


Commercial mixers are essential to busy pizzerias, bakeries, cafeterias, catering services, and any foodservice establishment that produces a wide range of dough, batters, and meringues. Therefore, selecting the right type of mixer for your facility will ensure that you can keep up with demand, and save time and money in the long run.


What type of commercial mixer do you need?

A mixer that is too small will mean that you will be unable to keep up with demand. Alternatively, a mixer that is too large will end up costing you more than you need to spend.

The right type of mixer for your business will depend on a series of factors. Firstly, what do you need to mix, fold, and/or mash? This will determine the type of attachments required, and the power of motor you need. Secondly, at what volume is your production, and do you need the capacity to perform small or large batches? Finally, how big is your facility, and would a floor or countertop model be ideal?

Types of Mixers

Planetary mixers are the most versatile mixers on the market. The mixing bowl stays still while the attachment moves to achieve desired results for dough, meringues, puddings, and batter. This versatility is the reason that planetary mixers are the most common type of mixer in the foodservice industry. With the appropriate attachment, some models can even slice vegetables, chop meat, and grate cheese.

Dough mixers, also known as spiral mixers, prepare dough through a revolving attachment and mixing bowl. These mixers are ideal for high volume bakeries and pizzerias that anticipate spending hours mixing their famous recipes. 

Depending on the model, some mixers can handle a capacity of up to 600lb of dough at one time. Also, spiral mixers are preferred for high volume establishments as these machines ensure proper dough consistency without overheating the final mix. This has an impact on yeast activation, making these machines ideal for breads, bagels, and pizzas. The power and consistency these machines provide mean that the only models available are floor models.

Countertop mixers are ideal for businesses requiring a compact, yet powerful machine. These models offer mobility, with a general capacity of under 10 quartz. Countertop mixers are ideal for whipping and producing low volumes of small batch dough.

Transmission/Drive System 

Belt-driven mixers are commonly found in small capacity machines. This system has the ability to instantly adjust speeds, and are generally cheaper to repair. Belt-driven mixers produce less noise, meaning less of a disturbance during food preparation. However, these machines are more ideal for shorter durations as overuse can wear out the belt quickly. 

Gear-driven mixers are commonly found in heavy-duty machines, but this system can be maintenance-heavy, and more expensive to repair. However, high volume establishments will benefit greatly from its ability to mix for longer durations.


There are several features that commercial mixers can come equipped with. However, every single feature may not be useful to your business. As a result, it is important to find the right combination to ensure your machine has the capabilities and attachments required to improve efficiency in the back-of-house.


Controls can be operated with manual or digital controls. A major advantage of going digital is that this control offers the ability to set timers to improve consistency and prevent overmixing.


The power of the motor will impact the speed, consistency, and operating time of your mixer. Commercial mixers can come equipped with motors ranging between ⅓ HP – 5 HP.

Standard-duty mixers will come with a motor ranging between ⅓ – ½ HP. These machines are ideal for whipping light mixes, whipped cream, cake batter, and meringues.

Medium-duty mixers will offer ¾ – 1 ½ HP motors. This is ideal for heavy doughs and batter.

Heavy-duty mixers come equipped with motors offering over 1 ½ HP. These mixers are ideal for busy bakeries, commissary kitchens, cafeterias, and pizzerias. Heavy duty mixers make a great option for businesses requiring long durations of mixing and kneading very dense doughs.

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