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Choosing The Right Commercial Refrigeration For Your Restaurant


Commercial refrigeration is an essential component of your restaurant. No kitchen can operate without one. Whether you are opening a new restaurant, renovating, or in need of an upgrade – a reliable refrigerator is essential. The right commercial refrigerator will support your current business and projected growth. Otherwise, you risk hindering operations and losing money further down the road.


There are key considerations to take into account when determining the right type of commercial refrigeration for your business; a complete breakdown of ingredients and projected sales. From here, you can figure out how much cool storage space you require to manage all of your perishable inventory.

Take the time to determine your storage needs. Overfilling your refrigerator will cause the unit to overwork. This will lead to equipment breakdown. As a result, repair bills will add up, and could force you to replace your refrigerator completely. Furthermore, the type of refrigeration you require will depend on your unique operations and facility space. Maximize workflow by installing your commercial refrigerator in logical areas of the kitchen.

Types Of Refrigeration

Your unique operations will ultimately determine the type of refrigeration your business will require. Your storage needs and the style of refrigeration matters.

Reach-in Refrigerators


Reach-in refrigerators are commonly installed near cooking stations and service lines for quick access to ingredients. These units are perfect for storing perishable ingredients such as dairy, raw meats, fish, and cooked products. This type of refrigeration unit is typically found in almost all foodservice operations. From single to triple-door stainless steel units, there are options to accommodate your kitchen space and design.

Glass door reach-in refrigerators are ideal for merchandising. These refrigerators are perfect for marketing a wide variety of canned and bottled beverages through beautiful illuminated displays. Glass door refrigerators make grab-and-go easy for customers. As a result, these refrigerators are a staple in convenience stores and grocery.

Walk-in Refrigerators


Walk-in refrigerators are much more spacious than reach-in options. As the name suggests, you can walk into these refrigeration units to store larger quantities of items, such as cases of beverages and bulk perishable items. An excellent option for organizing inventory if you run a medium to large sized foodservice operation.

Under Counter Coolers


Under counter coolers are beneficial for providing cool storage in smaller areas of the restaurant. These coolers are perfect for storing beverages and smaller items. Under counter coolers are commonly found close to line and service areas, in hotels, bars, offices, and break rooms. Once again, there are a variety of options to complement the space of your facility; ranging from single-compartment to triple-compartment units. Under counter coolers are essential in maximizing workflow and should not be overlooked if you run a busy line.

Back bar coolers are similar in nature to under counters. However, back bars also come in glass door options which are perfect for displaying popular wines and alcoholic beverages.

Sandwich & Pizza Prep Tables


Mega top prep tables add convenience to your busy operations. This is accomplished by providing ingredient rails for frequently used ingredients at the top, while back up ingredients are stored just underneath in closed storage. Once again, this setup maximizes workflow. There are a wide variety of mega top options suited for any food service operation. The two most common types of mega tops are sandwich and pizza prep tables.

Sandwich prep tables are designed with longer cutting board space and enough ingredient rails to store all of your popular toppings and condiments. On the other hand, pizza prep tables offer a wider prep surface. Essentially, the key differences between the type of mega top coolers are the number of ingredient rails, the amount of cooler space, the size of prep surface, and the option of having a combination of drawers and doors underneath. Determining the best one for you is based on your menu and the level of business your restaurant receives.

Display Coolers


Display coolers are beautiful, refrigerated cases that illuminate a showcase of fresh products while maintaining critical temperatures. This display adds impact through visual appeal. The right arrangement of freshly baked goods, or freshly prepared meats will drive your customers to make the purchase. As a result, it is no surprise why these coolers are popular amongst deli shops, butchers, bakeries, and cafes. With straight or curved designs available, you have stylistic options to complement your layout.

Chef Bases


Chef bases commonly sit underneath food preparation and cooking equipment. As a result, cold storage is provided near your workstation to maximize workflow during your busy operations. These coolers are perfect for storing raw meats, frozen foods, and dairy without compromising food safety. Also, these coolers are often designed to take on spills without creating a mess all over your kitchen. Therefore, chef bases are especially vital for busy restaurants who demand high efficiency during the cooking process.

Choosing Your Refrigeration System

Choosing the right combination of commercial refrigeration isn’t always easy. Your setup is dependent on your unique operations. Babak Food Equipment is your one-stop shop for restaurant equipment and consultation. We carry a wide variety of refrigerators from brands you can rely on. Give us a call today – our trained professionals can guide you towards the right commercial refrigeration for your business.