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Combi Ovens: Does Your Kitchen Need One?


A combination (combi) oven is a multifunctional unit with 3-in-1 cooking capabilities. These ovens are versatile. There are three functions combi ovens provide.

The first function is steam cooking. This setting is ideal for popular steamed foods and for poaching a variety of ingredients.

The second function is convection cooking. This function allows you to roast and bake classics with ease through dry heat cooking methods. Much like traditional convections, this is accomplished through the circulation of hot air.

The third function utilizes combination cooking methods. Combination cooking utilizes both steam and convection functions – performing a moist heat method of cooking. This setting is ideal for braising and achieving juicy roasts.


Combi ovens provide restaurants a variety of benefits. During the cooking process, combination ovens save time. These units offer your team the flexibility to create customized cooking presets.

Custom presets streamline the cooking process by establishing desired cooking methods, cook time, and temperature control for popular menu items. Furthermore, these 3-in-1 units provide even and consistent cooking. As a result, these ovens enhance productivity.

Combi ovens are versatile. As mentioned, these ovens can act as a stand alone steamer, oven, food warmer, and proofer. This can save your restaurant a lot of money by bypassing the need to purchase additional commercial kitchen equipment. This level of versatility will also save your facility space.


Combi ovens come in a variety of sizes. No matter the size of your facility, there is a combi oven suited for your operations and kitchen layout. As with any commercial kitchen equipment purchase, it is crucial to ensure you assess your menu and level of business before deciding on a model.

Half-sized combi ovens can hold 6 sheet pans at once. Alternatively, some full-sized combi ovens have the capacity to hold up to 20 racks. It is important to ensure that these units meet current volume and sales, as well as addresses potential for future growth. This will avoid unnecessary purchases or upgrades further down the road.

Combi ovens will save you time and money in the long run, but will require a significant initial investment. Furthermore, the labour required to keep up with essential daily cleaning of the oven and probe should be accounted for. Although combi ovens come with a self-cleaning function, cleaning tabs and general cleaning supplies will still need to be purchased. Overall the cleaning and maintenance process is slightly more complex than regular ovens. However, the vast range of functions and features offered through a combi oven will more than make up for the extra attention.

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Combi ovens provide busy restaurants a wealth of advantages when it comes to operational efficiency. Babak Food Equipment offers a wide range of gas connected and electric combi ovens suited for any foodservice business. Browse our website or give us a call to learn more about these multifunctional ovens.