Save Money With The Right Commercial Kitchen Equipment!


Running a restaurant in Canada’s competitive foodservice industry comes with excitement and many challenges. Margins are tight, and as you know, proper management of costs is pertinent to success.
Did you know that investing in the right commercial kitchen equipment can help you decrease food and labour costs? 

Food Preparation vs Pre-Made

Oftentimes, kitchens will order pre-made food such as processed vegetables, pre-cut french fries, sliced deli meats, and bottled sauces. These products are expensive. So, why do so many restaurants opt for pre-made over scratch-made?
Employee turnover is high and chefs are racing against the clock, delivering meal after meal in a high-pressure environment. Finding the time, the right people, and allocating more resources towards training programs is a challenge.

But a solid plan will save the day!

Select the right food preparation equipment that is relevant to your menu and save thousands in labour and food costs throughout the year. While scratch-made food can be time consuming and susceptible to inconsistencies, a dependable piece of commercial kitchen equipment will provide you a competitive alternative to costly pre-made food.

Save Time during Food Preparation

Quality food preparation equipment will save your back-of-house team hours by allowing your team to standardize and prepare large batches of Chef’s famous recipes much faster and efficiently with the team you’ve got. Saving time means reducing the hours of overtime pay and enabling employees to focus on other aspects of the kitchen such as cleaning, or ensuring that all stations are fully stocked before a busy dinner service.

If your menu revolves around large batches of select ingredients, acquire the appropriate commercial kitchen equipment that will not only help you create from scratch, but save time through its high-capacity capabilities. 

Maybe you run the city’s best pizzeria – a heavy-duty food processor such as the Robot Coupe R2 Dice CLR is perfect for slicing, dicing, and grating batches of all your essential toppings; fresh vegetables, cheeses – you name it! Never run out of prepared food by providing your team the ability to batch process a variety of ingredients for the week in record time.

Consistent Food Preparation

Inconsistencies are to be expected when preparing food from scratch – afterall, your cooks are only human! Regardless, frequent human error will cost your restaurant money. 

The right combination of commercial kitchen equipment and restaurant supply will help your team yield a consistent product, reduce waste, and impress customers each and every time. Heavy-duty commercial kitchen equipment is manufactured for consistent big-batch food preparation. All you have to do is find the right one for your menu.

Why deep fry bags of frozen french fries when your burger shack can consistently slice hundreds of pounds of potatoes uniformly with a heavy-duty French Fry Cutter? Fresh, tasty, and consistent food has never been easier to produce!

Start Saving Your Restaurant Money Today

An initial investment in high-quality commercial food preparation equipment will save you time, money, and impress guests for years to come. 

Babak Food Equipment has spent 20 years saving restaurants, pizza shops, cafeterias, food trucks, and supermarkets across Canada a lot of money as their one-stop-shop for all of their commercial kitchen equipment and restaurant supply essentials. Give Babak a call and find exactly what you need to make the food preparation process in your kitchen as efficient as possible.