Kitchen Efficiency

Why Your Kitchen Needs A Commercial Food Processor


Food preparation is a major component of any food service operation. From slicing and dicing vegetables, to making purees and sauces – your cooks are always busy in the prep station. While skilled cooks work hard to produce quick and consistent results in the kitchen, the benefits that come with a commercial food processor is plentiful. This powerful multifunctional kitchen equipment will speed up the food preparation process by slicing, dicing, mixing, and pureeing in minutes. Commercial kitchen food processors are versatile. They offer a variety of functions within one single countertop unit. Furthermore, these units are easy to clean. Once again, increasing efficiency within the kitchen. As a result, commercial food processors will become one your most popular kitchen tools.


The right food processor for your kitchen will depend on your restaurant’s needs and menu requirements. Determine which items you need sliced or diced. Also, consider if any batches of house-made sauces and aiolis can be made more efficiently with a food processor. Once you determine which ingredients you will need processed frequently, you can decide whether a batch bowl, a continuous feed, or combination processor is right for your operations.

Batch bowl food processors are ideal for small-to-medium batch sizes. These processors generally yield 1-6 quart batches of sauces, purees, and mixes within the work bowl. Given the bowl attachment, slicing and dicing isn’t the best option for this. 

Continuous feed food processors have the capacity to run longer as they are suited for processing a higher volume of ingredients. These processors are popular amongst prep kitchens that require hours of vegetable processing with adjustable slicing and dicing options. Furthermore, these units also offer the ability to shred and grate with precision.

Combination food processors offer flexibility with the option to switch between batch bowl and continuous feed attachments. If your restaurant finds batch bowl and continuous processing essential for operations, many brands offer a line of combination processors. This is perfect for slicing, dicing, and grating, as well as a quick transition to mixing and pureeing. As a result, your prep team will be able to get through a big prep list in a fraction of the time.

Types of Blades

Commercial food processors have a reputation for its versatility given the large variety of blades available for multifunctional purposes. With dozens of options, there is a blade designed for chopping, blending, grating, and slicing in various sizes with precision. Furthermore, there are blades available for dough mixing and cutting fresh batches of French fries in record time. These options make a heavy-duty food processor your number one go-to during the food preparation process. 

The most common blades used in most kitchens include:

S Blade; for chopping and blending.

Grating Disc; for grating vegetables and cheeses effortlessly.

Slicing Disc; one of the most versatile blades for any food processor. The slicing disc comes in various sizes, allowing your team to slice vegetables of any thickness in record time.

Julienne Disc; julienne fruits and vegetables consistently.

Dicing Disc; precision dicing without the effort.

Dough Blade; perfect for mixing small batches of dough.

French Fry Disc; uniformly processes potatoes with ease.

With a wide variety of options available, there is a blade or attachment available to streamline the food preparation process in almost any kitchen.

Proper Care

A quality commercial food processor will become a mainstay in your kitchen. As a result, it is important to ensure your team understands how to take proper care of it. A critical rule is to ensure you do not overload the processor. This can overwork the machine, resulting in breakdown. Furthermore, daily cleaning is essential. Also, regular inspections are required to ensure when it’s time for maintenance or replacement of blades.

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