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Your Guide To Commercial Dishwashers


Commercial dishwashers are one of the most common pieces of commercial kitchen equipment you will find in almost every foodservice operation. Any sized business can save time and money in the long run with a high efficiency dishwasher.

Heavy-duty commercial dishwashers clean and sanitize dishes according to food safety standards. These machines operate at a much faster rate than any manual cleaning setup could. Inability to keep up with dishes will hinder your busy operations and create chaos in your establishment. For this reason, investing in a commercial dishwasher should involve a lot of thought and strategic planning.

You want to put your money to good use. To do so, your business will benefit from evaluating current capacity requirements. It is also necessary to consider projected requirements to ensure your business is prepared for future growth.

High Temperature vs Low Temperature

High temperature dishwashers clean dirty dishes at approximately 160° F. These machines sanitize with a final rinse, reaching a minimum temperature of 180° F. These commercial dishwashers yield better results and are effective for hard to clean dishes. Furthermore, the ability to sanitize at a high temperature keeps chemical costs down.

It is important to note that high temperature dishwashers will cost more initially. Furthermore, expect to see an increase in electricity use as some machines require a booster heater to bring temperatures up to a minimum of 180° F.

Low temperature dishwashers clean at approximately 140° F. Generally, these dishwashers are more energy efficient and cost less initially in comparison to high temperature dishwashers.

Keep in mind that these dishwashers rely heavily on chemicals to handle the sanitization. This is because these machines cannot reach the minimum temperature level of 180° F to do so. As a result, this will equate to higher chemical costs for your business. Furthermore, consistent chemical use can damage some of your dishes over time.

Type Of Dishwashers

Based on your facility space and volume of business, you will opt for an under counter, an upright, or a conveyor dishwasher.

Under counter dishwashers are more considerate of space. These units are compact and are ideal for small startups, cafes, or bars. Under counter dishwashers are easy to install and frees up valuable countertop space. The size of these machines are suitable for lower volume operations. Generally, you can expect to run approximately 20-30 racks of dishes per hour.

Upright dishwashers are commonly found in most restaurants. Their high capacity capabilities make these machines more attractive for busy establishments. Overall, upright dishwashers are easy to use, and clean racks of dishes faster than under counter machines. On average, upright dishwashers can clean and sanitize 35-60 racks per hour, double the capacity of an under counter machine. This is a huge advantage for busy restaurants as these machines maximize efficiency.

Upright dishwashers will save you time and money in the long run. However, it is important to consider that these machines will utilize more water and energy. As a result, it is essential to budget for an increase in utility costs.

Conveyor dishwashers are ideal for very high production volumes. These machines can clean and sanitize 150-200 racks per hour. This is especially advantageous for establishments that require a machine that will operate nonstop. These machines are ideal for hotels, cafeterias, and schools.

While designed for high volume, keep in mind that these machines will cost you significantly more upfront. Ensure to budget appropriately if this investment is the most beneficial for your business.

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