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6 Types Of Commercial Shelving That Will Benefit Your Business

commercial wire shelving

Commercial shelving is essential in professional kitchens. Poor shelving can bend, warp, and form rust. As a result, this can create an unstable and unsafe environment in your facility. Alternatively, the appropriate heavy-duty commercial shelving will do wonders for your business.

Proper organization can utilize your facility space more effectively, and enhance workflow. Also, a high level of organization will improve inventory management, and make it easier to rotate ingredients properly. This will save time when counting and ordering inventory. Furthermore, this accuracy will save your business money.


What should you consider before looking for shelving?

Firstly, consider the size of your facility, and how much inventory you plan to store. Secondly, determine how many shelves you will need based on these projections. Finally, consider the location of your shelving. This can be in dry or heated areas, or in walk-ins and freezers.

These considerations will help you arrange an appropriate layout, and determine which type of shelving options are ideal for your operations.


There are six main types of commercial shelving you’ll want to consider; over top shelving, epoxy coated shelving, chrome wire shelving, wall shelving, dunnage racks, and custom stainless steel shelving.

1. Over Top Shelving

Commercial over top shelving, also known as overshelves, enhances your facility’s workstation. You can place overshelves behind or above workstations. This provides additional shelving for spices, utensils, and supplies. These durable units come in single or double deck models.

2. Epoxy Coated Shelving

Commercial epoxy coated shelving is ideal for moist storage. The material is layered with an epoxy coating, making these units rust-proof. While this option can be more expensive than chrome, epoxy shelves have a longer shelf life as well. Epoxy coated shelving is ideal for walk-in coolers and freezers. Epoxy shelving can come in all sorts of colours. Generally, these units come in green coating, but all colours offer the same functionality.

3. Chrome Wire Shelving

Commercial chrome wire shelving is the most common and cost effective option on the market. This type of shelving is suitable for dry or heated environments. This wire shelving unit is rust-resistant, but not completely rust-proof. As a result, it is best to avoid using chrome wire shelving for cold storage. Instead, chrome wire shelving is best suited for stockrooms, warehouses, dry facilities, and retail.

4. Wall Shelving

Commercial wall shelving is just as the name suggests; they are mounted to the wall. These storage shelves save floor space by using only vertical space. This type of shelving makes a great option for organizing essential smallware, supplies, and utensils. Also, wall shelves improve workflow by offering a location to store frequently used spices, checklists, and dishware.

5. Dunnage Racks

Commercial dunnage racks offer low height storage for keeping heavy items off the ground. These racks are perfect for bulk items, such as flour and rice. Also, safety is enforced by ensuring that these heavy items are not stored too high, or above head level. This helps minimize the risk of workplace accidents.

6. Custom Stainless Steel Shelving

Custom commercial stainless steel shelving is ideal for a variety of unique layouts. Stainless steel offers anti-corrosive properties. As a result, this material will create a more durable unit. Also, customization takes away any length and height limits that you may come across with pre-made shelving. 1-on-1 consultation with our trained professionals will ensure that your shelving will be designed exactly as needed.

Features & Options

Stationary Shelving

Stationary shelving is ideal for areas that won’t require constant rearrangement. Keep this shelving in mind when designing the most optimal layout in your kitchen. If opting for stationary, ensure that your staff has the space they need to work efficiently.


Mobility matters if you need the ability to rearrange your layout. Many shelving models come with built-in casters, or have the option for attachments. While mobile shelving adds convenience, it is important to consider that mobile shelving can generally hold less weight on shelves.


Vented shelves are ideal for cold storage as they are designed for proper air ventilation. As a result, these shelves provide effective temperature regulation for perishable ingredients. However, these units can be more challenging to clean. Therefore, regular cleaning and maintenance must be enforced.


Solid shelves are easier to clean and maintain since there are no openings for spills to get into. These shelves are ideal for storing dry ingredients, cookware, utensils, and essential kitchen supplies. Furthermore, these shelves reduce the risk of items slipping or falling since there are no openings.

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