Guide to Purchasing A Food Display Case


Bakeries, delis, shops, and restaurants all require commercial display cases. As a result, it can provide freshness while also keeping harmful germs at bay. They encourage customers to purchase the product and make it easy for them to browse the inventory or take what they desire. It’s crucial to choose a showcase that will fit your needs, budget, and available space regardless of the type of restaurant you run.


What to consider before looking for display cases?
To begin, you must determine whether you require a heated, refrigerated, deli, or dry showcase. Each merchandiser serves a specific purpose and provides a specific benefit. Secondly, if you are needing to purchase a refrigerated case it is critical to understand the two types of cooling systems. There is a coil gravity system which is the best choice for raw meat, seafood, salads, and other deli products. There is also the forced air system which results in the fans circulating cold air throughout the enclosure of the unit, keeping the products cool. These factors will assist you in determining which type of Display case options are best for your operations.


  • Commercial Refrigeration Case :

Cakes, pies, and cream-filled pastries are commonly stored in refrigerated merchandisers. Bakery Display Cases are ideal for bakeries, cafes, coffee shops, and diners because they allow you to promote your desserts while giving them maximum visibility.

  • Commercial Non-Refrigerated Show Case :

A Non-Refrigerated Self-Service Merchandiser is an excellent addition to your business. It is best suited for non-perishable and non-refrigerated goods. Non-Refrigerated cases are an outstanding grab-and-go selection for your store.

  • Commercial Heated Display Case :

Heated merchandisers are commonly used. In heated units, you can control the time and temperature at which food is kept. Display warmers maintain the proper temperature of your food while increasing sales and promising quality products.

  • Commercial Dry Display Cases :

Dry bakery display cases are frequently used. They are ideal for storing baked goods such as bagels, doughnuts, cookies, and other perishables that are not required to be refrigerated all the time to remain tasty and appealing to customers. 

  • Commercial Deli Display Case :

Various meats, poultry, seafood, and salads can be found in Deli Cases. These single-level units keep meat at the optimal storage temperature while preventing it from freezing. Temperatures can range from 36 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and each type of meat necessitates its own display case. Depending on the type of meat, you’ll need to know whether you need a gravity coil or a humidity coil merchandiser, as this is critical and affects meat quality.

Features & Options

Size :

After determining the type of commercial showcase you require for your business, you must determine the size. Two factors influence the size: 1. the amount of available space, and 2. the number of items to be displayed. It is critical to be able to determine space in order to purchase the correct size.

Style :

You must choose a style after determining the type and size of the display case you require. There are two types of cases: square cases and curved cases. The curved case allows customers to lean over it for a better view, whereas the square case takes up less space.

Glass / Tempered Models :

Countless display cases are made of glass, which has the disadvantage of being brittle and fragile. Commercial acrylic showcases are generally more durable. This guarantees that the user has a dependable and long-lasting display case. 

Learn more about the Showcase that will best suit your needs!

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