Kitchen Efficiency

Why Commercial Dough Sheeters Are Essential For Bakeries & Pizzerias


Commercial dough sheeters are essential for establishments producing high volumes of dough and pasta. The efficiency you obtain from a dough sheeter will save pizzerias and bakeries time and money. Dough sheeters use automatic rollers to flatten and knead balls of dough. These rollers are adjustable, ensuring that your desired thickness can be achieved.


Dough sheeters standardize the preparation process. As a result, you can be sure that your operations will achieve consistent results every time. Furthermore, automation saves more time in comparison to hand rolling. This means that a higher volume of dough can be rolled in a shorter amount of time. Also, as the operator, you are able to adjust the level of thickness, ensuring you achieve the perfect results. Finally, commercial dough sheeters are durable. These machines are designed to work long hours of production, ensuring your back of house team keeps up with busy food preparation demands.


Commercial dough sheeters are ideal for larger establishments with busy demands. These versatile machines provide a workstation that is ideal for high volume production. Sheeters make a great option for a variety of applications, such as pizzas, pie crusts, cake production, and pastries. These machines can yield 500-600 sheets per hour.

Commercial dough rollers are designed for pizzas, flatbreads, and sweet doughs. While dough rollers can perform a variety of applications, these machines specialize in pizza crusts. Rollers can produce up to 600 pieces of dough per hour.

Commercial dough presses are compact machines, providing consistent performance for pizzas, tortillas, pitas, and flatbreads. Some models can press up to 1,000 pieces per hour.

Your ideal dough sheeter is one that does the best job for your unique recipe and operations. This is important because sheeters that stretch dough too much can damage the quality of your final product. It is a good idea to test your sheeter and bake the final product to ensure you invest in the right equipment that will achieve the desired result.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Commercial dough sheeters can perform several hours of production per day. As a result, flour and bits of dough can stick to the machine and in between all of its moving parts. For this reason, daily cleaning and maintenance is essential.

Delays or performance issues can be the result of a variety of factors. It is important to inspect and disassemble your machine for thorough cleaning. Be sure to clean the scrapers, as a clean scraper will prolong the shelf life of the rollers. Furthermore, these moving parts can be expensive to replace, so precautionary care is of the utmost importance. However, implementation of a proper cleaning and maintenance routine can result in your dough sheeter operating for over 10 years.

Optimize Your Dough Prep Today

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