Storage & Cabinets

No kitchen setup is complete without the right storage and cabinets. Organization is essential for improving workflow and keeping your stations tidy. Babak Food Equipment offers a variety of storage and cabinet units, from open and closed units to wall cabinets. We are certain we have a stainless steel storage cabinet suited for your kitchen layout.

Storage Cabinets With Drawers

Take your organizational skills to the next level with a high-quality stainless steel storage cabinet with drawers. Store your essential commercial kitchen equipment and smallware in a spacious Thorinox cabinet, while utilizing included drawers to conveniently gather essential supplies in one spot. If you need a dependable storage cabinet with drawers, look no further than Babak Food Equipment.

Worktable Drawer

A worktable drawer will go the distance in establishing organization and convenience. Our stainless steel Thorinox worktable drawer is universal and easy to install. Pick one up for your station today!