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Commercial Convection Ovens: Which Type Is Right For You?


Commercial convection ovens are popular amongst many foodservice establishments. Restaurants, bakeries, pizzerias, convenience stores, and food trucks alike are reaping the benefits. Convection ovens yield consistent results through the circulation of hot air. This air circulation provides a balanced heat distribution throughout the oven. As a result, convection cooking is ideal for roasting, baking, and preparing frozen foods. Furthermore, this process yields desired results at lower temperatures and improves cook times by 20-25%. This means that less energy output is utilized to operate the oven.

What does this mean for you?

Above all, commercial convection ovens improve efficiency and will save your kitchen money in the long run. This financial and operational impact makes the convection oven a reliable choice for many foodservice establishments. Not only can you cook more food in less time, but results are consistent each and every time.


No convection oven is built the same. Firstly, you will want to consider the fan system. Some models come with multiple speeds to adjust air flow for a variety of menu offerings. Alternatively, some units come with dual fan systems, providing more efficient air flow and quicker results. 

Furthermore, you’ll need to determine the size of oven and depth required. Naturally, your oven size is dependent on the volume of production you expect to handle. Also, you will need to identify the type of food you plan to prepare. From there, you can narrow down your options. This will help you select the appropriate type of convection oven and features that will benefit your business the most.


Half size commercial convection ovens can hold 13×18 pans. As a result, these units are ideal for smaller facilities that either don’t have the space or the volume for a bigger oven.

Full size commercial convection ovens have the capacity to hold 18×26 pans. Naturally, full sized ovens are ideal for bigger establishments who require more cooking capacity.

Single commercial convection ovens are your typical cooking machines –  one oven with your desired rack capacity and features.

Alternatively, double commercial convection ovens will benefit larger establishments. These ovens are stacked to provide extra cooking capacity as required.

Standard depth commercial convection ovens provide reliable and consistent results for many foodservice establishments.

Bakery depth commercial convection ovens are deeper than standard and can take on full size racks front-to-back. For this reason, these models are more popular amongst bakeries. This is because a higher volume of baked goods can be produced at the same time.


Commercial floor convection ovens provide large cooking capacity for busy establishments. In other words, floor ovens are ideal for businesses that have the facility space and the volume required.

Commercial countertop convection ovens provide easy transportation and mobility. Generally, these units are electric. Countertop models are ideal for foodservice facilities that are looking to maximize their space. For instance, concession stands, convenience stores, and food trucks will realize the benefits of a countertop convection oven. Furthermore, these ovens generally require a lower initial investment.


Commercial convection ovens can come with a variety of features. Here are the most common and advantageous features you may want to consider for your next investment.

Commercial convection ovens with cook and hold acts as a warmer once the cooking process is complete. This feature lowers the oven temperature to act as a hot holding system. This ensures that food stays warm and does not overcook. Furthermore, this feature may help you save money by eliminating the need to purchase extra hot holding equipment.

Commercial convection ovens with steam capabilities offer establishments the option to add humidity to the cooking process. This feature is ideal for bakeries and restaurants who require that extra touch for perfect baked goods and roasts. 

Commercial convection ovens with manual control makes cooking a breeze. All you need to do is set the temperature and the timer. It’s that simple!

Commercial convection ovens with digital control allows for programmable settings. This ensures that results are consistent no matter who is operating the oven. 

Find Your Next Convection Oven

Your next commercial convection oven will provide your restaurant with many benefits initially and in the long run. No matter the type of food service establishment, your operations will benefit from a versatile piece of cooking equipment. It will improve efficiency and save your business money in the long run.

Babak Food Equipment offers a variety of commercial convection ovens suited for a variety  of businesses. Browse our website, or drop in to inquire about your next kitchen upgrade. Our trained professionals have the know-how to help you set your kitchen up for success.