Electric Cooking Equipment

On the lookout for electric equipment to station within your kitchen, cafeteria, or sandwich shop?
We have a range of electric ovens, panini grills, burners, and fryers to suit your needs. Explore our selection of reliable, heavy-duty electric cooking equipment today!

electric restaurant equipment

Electric Ovens

Here at Babak, we are certain you will find an electric oven perfect for your culinary operations. Explore our wide selection of electric combis, convections, conveyors, and deck ovens.

Electric Combi Ovens (10)

Electric Convection Ovens (25)

Electric Conveyor Ovens (13)

Electric Deck Ovens (2)

Microwave Ovens (10)

Electric Hot Plates & Burners

Looking for a reliable electric burner that complements your kitchen size? At Babak, we offer electric hot plates that are dependable and considerate of space.

Commercial Electric Griddles

Find an electric griddle that best suits the needs of your busy diner. Built to last and always reliable, our countertop options will provide consistent results you can only expect from Babak Food Equipment.

Panini Grills

We know why customers flock to you for lunch. Perfectly toasted bread and melty goodness is what we guarantee with every electric panini grill we have to offer. Find an electric panini grill that will find a home in your kitchen.

Electric Crepe Makers

Perfect your crepe mastery with our professional electric crepe makers. Our commercial crepe making options will make you the talk of the town. Choose the best in electric crepe making equipment today.